Judo in the 2014 Commonwealth Games

2014 Commonwealth Games logoJudo is on the 2014 Commonwealth Games programme to be held in Glasgow, Scotland.

African Judo Open in Mauritius

The Mauritius Judo Federation would like to seize this opportunity to gladly announce that the 1st edition of the African Judo Open Mauritius will be held in Mauritius on November 9th and 10th 2013, followed by the IJF training camp from 11th till 17th November 2013. More information is available at the official website (www.africanjudoopenmauritius.org) or by clicking below.

World judo chief urges Japan to clean up its act after scandals
TOKYO — The world judo chief urged Japan Monday to clean up its act after the sport was sullied in its birthplace by scandals including abusive coaching, misuse of funds and sexual harassment.
International Judo Federation (IJF) president Marius Vizer told a news conference in Tokyo that Japan’s judo authority needed to shape up because he is aiming to raise the sport’s profile in the Olympics with reforms.
“The IJF follows very carefully the present situation in Japanese judo,” he said. “The IJF with the All-Japan Judo Federation will do our best to clean up the situation and start with new reforms and new development in Japanese judo.”
IJF Event to be held in Zambia

The International Judo Federation is organizing a Sub Sahara get together to mark world peace which will be hosted in Lusaka (ZAM). The President of IJF is putting up a dojo within the new Olympic complex currently under construction in Lusaka. The event will take place once the structure is completed in Aug 2013 and participation is anticipated by Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Madagascar, Mauritius, Angola Swaziland and Zimbabwe. The event is planned include sessions covering updates to sport and refereeing rules, gradings amongst other topics. 

SA Athlete wins Continental Championships

As Commonwealth country, South Africa is proud to announce that our u-73kg player, Mr Jacques Van Zyl, won a gold medal at the continental championships (Senior African Championships) held in Mozambique, Maputo.


Message from the President

Welcome to our Association's new and first official website.

Harry O'Rourke portraitWhen I sat down in Seoul in 1984 with Owen Clarke to found this Association we hoped for an association which would grow to be as large as it is now but we did not envisage the technical advances that would have us in world wide contact as we are. Our Association is powerful, we have run many Commonwealth Championships all of a high standard.

In this welcome I would like to pay tribute to all those people who have contributed over the years to make our Association and it’s programes what they are today.

Let us move forward and continue to grow. Let us look forward to Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, 2014.

H V O’Rourke